Posted by: Roger | January 11, 2010

Updated photos of Walthers cars

I didn’t like the first photos of the Walthers 64-seat coach that I did, so I got out the heavy equipment and redid them. This time I used an incomplete switching module as a backdrop. One thing I noticed was the slightly different colors of the Walthers cars and the Intermountain FP7. I suspect, based on the Rapido HO NP cars, that the Rapido N scale passenger cars will be different colors also. It’s a bit irritating, but understandable. This picture shows the Intermountain FP7 and the Walthers baggage car under the same light. I used a Bowens 500 watt/second monolight in a Photoflex Large LiteDome, and augmented that with light from a Nikon SB80DX in a Photoflex Extra Small OctoDome nxt light modifier. Nikon D2x with Nikkor 60mm Micro lens – 1/125 @ f36.



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