Posted by: Roger | January 15, 2010

Chance photo

About 15 months ago on the return from a hunting trip, I took a detour along Highway 10 between Ellensburg and Cle Elum. About midway between them, I pulled off where a railroad access road left the highway. Without venturing onto railroad property, I stood on the bank overlooking the tracks. I stood there for while imagining the sight of a Northern Pacific steam engine laboring up the grade on its way to Stampede Pass. It must have been a sight.

The abandoned Milwaukee Road grade was across the Yakima river. I took a few pictures of nothing special, and turned to go. I was really surprised to see this eastbound train coming around the bend. As it was going downgrade, it was not making much noise. I’m sure they were braking for the sharp S curves that started about a quarter mile east. I had only my dinky PHD (push here, dummy) digital camera, but this shot managed to work out. A portion of the Milwaukee grade can be seen above and to the left of the lead locomotive.

BNSF Eastbound near Cle Elum

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