Posted by: Roger | January 21, 2010

Rapido Panorama Line Addendum

I forgot to add in yesterday’s post a comparison to the actual NP cars with the numbers Rapido used. Mind you, I am not so particular that I demand that the cars have to be 100 percent accurate to prototype. I agree that is not practical given the wide variations in passenger cars used by various roads. The dome cars are an example of this. As best as I can tell, Northern Pacific was the only road to have dome-sleepers, and Union Pacific was the only road to have dome-diners. NP did have dome coaches numbered 549-559, but they also had 11 dome-sleepers, some of which were rebuilt into "Lounge in the Sky" cars in 1967.
However, in the case of these two cars, the Canadian prototype 4-8-4 duplex sleeper is a stand-in for the NP 8-6-4 sleeper, which were purchased in 1954.
The numbers used on the lightweight coach are actually two different cars. Cars numbered 581-585 started out as Holiday Lounges (#s 487-491) in 1956 that were rebuilt to 48-seat day/night coaches in 1962. Car number 586 spent its life as a 56-seat day/night coach.
Source: Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association

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