Posted by: Roger | July 25, 2010

Photos of the Nimrod Division

Got the camera gear out and took a few photos of the mostly finished side of the layout. I custom-built the trees from a blue furnace filter material and various types of foam. Not everyone I’ve showed them to likes them, but I’m happy with them.

 NP 911 Brings In The Local

The Atlas RS11 is a fine-running locomotive. I hope Atlas produces another run of them soon, and with sound. On this side of the layout, I’ve used three of Walthers Backdrop kits to represent business that located beside the Nimrod yard. I’ve name the building on the right, the Highlander Brewery after a brewery that existed in Missoula. This kit looks nothing like the original, which was demolished to make room for Interstate 90.

I used a brown ballast to visually separate the two yard tracks from the mainline/branchline tracks.

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