Posted by: Roger | October 8, 2010

About The Header Photo

The header photo shows a west-bound grain train passing by St. Regis, Montana. The derelict bridge above and to the left of the train belonged to the Milwaukee Road. During the Northern Pacific days, there was a turnout to the right of the grain cars that was the beginning of the branch line to Wallace, Idaho. In some year I don’t remember, before my time, the St. Regis river washed out the NP right-of-way between St. Regis and Haugan, so the Northern Pacific negotiated trackage rights with the Milwaukee to use its main line to Haugan where the lines separated again. Today, the BNSF train is running on what is supposedly the Montana Rail Link. I say supposedly because in all the years of living in Montana and returning there to visit family, I have seen precisely ONE MRL train moving outside the yard limits. All the rest have been BN, or now BNSF.


  1. I like your shot of the train in the canyon.

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