Posted by: Roger | October 31, 2010

The New Layout Room Takes Shape

My friend Paul has been helping me get my layout room in shape. It looks like I will have 11 feet 3 inches by 17 feet 7 inches. I tried drawing track plans, but without knowing the room dimensions, it was a waste of time. I will be sort of modeling the Missoula area, so I have some ideas of what I want to include on the main level, and I will have staging below for Seattle and St. Paul. That will require a helix at each end.
Originally, I was trying to include part of the Bitterroot Branch in its proper place, but that won’t work with this room size. I may try to put it on an upper level that is accessed by the upper section of the helix that will be in Mount Jumbo.
The Hoerner-Waldorf pulp mill will be one of the major industries, along with (maybe) the sugar factory and also maybe the Van Evans plywood plant. I don’t want all of them to be major industries, so I will need to fit other onsie-twosie businesses in where possible.
Lots more work to do before I get to benchwork, but I can see it coming together.

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