Posted by: Roger | March 14, 2011

BNSF 5053 South

My friend and I had hoped this was a Canadian National train running on BNSF tracks, like we had seen a few weeks before, but it turned out to be just another BNSF freight headed south. Variety is the spice of life, and it’s been a long while since a Union Pacific train has been seen hauling coal to Robert’s Bank.

Photo of BNSF 5053

Southboud BNSF 5053, a Dash 9-44CW, heads south near Burlington, Washington, on a Sunday afternoon. - Copyright 2011 Roger L. Maier, all rights reserved.

The more I use my Nikon P7000, the more I like it: compact and handy.

As it turned out, this was just the start of several hours of terrific railfanning with two southbound and one northbound freights, not to mention the afternoon “Annie” trying to get all its switching done. As we were racing to the  best railfan spot for the above train, we heard the crew of the ‘Annie’ getting ready to go. After the southbound went by, we raced south to where we thought they’d be, but they fooled us and headed farther south. So on the freeway we went and finally caught up with them at the Conway pole yard.

Photo of The Afternooon 'Annie' At Conway

The afternoon 'Annie' starts to climb out of the Conway pole yard as the brakeman heads for the derail. - Copyright 2011 Roger L. Maier, all rights reserved.

The grade down into the pole yard is pretty steep, but with 8,000-plus horsepower, it was easy to pull three loaded and three empty flat cars up to the main line.

Photo of The 'Annie' Picks Up Poles At Conway

The Sunday afternoon 'Annie' makes a rare trip to Conway to pick up untreated poles from the pole yard. The three loaded 89-foot, 4-inch flat cars were separated by empty 50-foot flat cars. Conway Feed is in the background. - Copyright 2011 Roger L. Maier, all rights reserved.

We’re going to have to find some appropriate 89-foot flat cars to model loads like this on the club layout.

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