Posted by: Roger | May 14, 2011

How Do You Beat Model Railroading Burnout?

I haven’t done much model railroading for months. Health issues, boredom, economy, etc. I don’t think I’m alone in this based on what I see at the club. Then comes summertime, or at least, those of us here in the Pacific “Northwet”  hope it comes — soon! PLEASE!. Yes, planet Earth passed the spring equinox some time back, and is reportedly heading for “summer” solstice, but other than slightly warmer temperatures, it ain’t spring. I have long said that out here there are two seasons: flinter and sprummer. One is cold and wet, the other is wet and cold. It doesn’t matter where this planet is on the race track, this piece of dirt is either wet and cold, or cold and wet. If I hear one more cretin tell me about “global warming” I’m gonna punch his lights out. It ain’t warming if you’re freezing your xyz off!

What does that have to do with model railroading? Nothing. The Bellingham Socie…. oh, we changed the name, put away your slide rules. The Whatcom-Skagit MMRC  had it’s last Open House (until October) today. I tried to run my BNSF mixed freight with Athearn well cars in it. I’m naming names cause I’m not happy with the McHenry so-called couplers. Mr. Athearn (yes, I know you are gone, but…) your couplers suck, mostly because they don’t couple. They are fantastic uncouplers, but that is not what I want. I really hate to complain, but six derailments/break aparts in less than one trip around the layout is simply TOO much to tolerate. It took great restraint NOT to throw the cars on the floor and stomp on them. My friend Paul has been trying to figure out how to replace that garbage with Micro-Trains couplers, but the coupler pockets are shallow and there’s not much room to hang a Micro-Trains coupler box underneath.

WHY? Why is it necessary to take a brand-new product and fix it so it works?

Okay, done griping.


  1. The most simple way to eliminate the McHenry couplers (I hate them, too.) is to put an Accumate coupler (Part # 150-23015) in the coupler box. That’s it. Quick and easy.

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