Posted by: Roger | September 9, 2011

Memory – Need Some Badly; Motivation Too!

Age sucks. If you are under 50, revel in the fact that you can remember things, like what you did 5 minutes ago. At 50, poof, it’s all GONE. Memory, health, desire, you name it, gone in a heartbeat. If you let your cat outside, walk 15 feet to the kitchen, and then think, “I’d better let the cat out.” – been there, done that. Ain’t got the T-shirt. Someone needs to make one.

I can sort of remember Visual Basic – several flavors. I can also remember Powerbuilder of various versions. I sort of do Visual C Pound. Yuck. I used to (sort of) know FoxPro (DOS days) and VAX Basic and Apple Basic (remember the Apple IIe?) and ForTran77. HTML kicks my butt cause it’s dumb. I can’t remember it. Bear with me as I try to remember what will actually work and what doesn’t no matter what the geeks say. I’m trying to add the WSMRRC’s Open House dates which you will not find on the club’s web site at this time even though they decided on the dates a month ago because….  It’s a LOOOONNNNGGGG story of turf wars.

By the by, I use Opera as my web browser of choice because – SO FAR – they haven’t descended to the level of ordering me how I will use MY computer. Sigh, it’s probably coming soon.

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