Posted by: Roger | February 19, 2012

Now THAT’S Progress!

It seems like a lifetime later, but in between back aches, and lethargy I got the ceiling sheetrock up. Then Paul had a free day and it wasn’t raining so we got the train room walls rocked.

Putting up more sheetrock

There I am finishing up the last (sort of) piece of sheetrock on the walls of the train room.

While I was putting in the last screws, Paul snapped this photo with his iPhone. The wire hanging down will be the main power feed for the layout. I’m going to build a small support wall there to house a computer and the DCC stuff to run the layout. That will be at the end of the peninsula where the sugar plant will be located.

I need to put in some small pieces to cover the treated posts, and then turn my attention to the workshop part. I *think* I finally have the metal garage roof sealed up so it doesn’t look like Snoqualmie Falls in the corner every time it rains.  Tearing out scuzzy old sheetrock, insulation and whatnot will take a few weeks, since I’m lazy by nature, but it will soon be time for applying tape and mud to the joints.

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