Posted by: Roger | November 25, 2012

Getting The Helix In Place

In between business trips and life in general, I’ve been putting cork and track on the helix. I’m trying to get it completed before I get it closed in. I will be using Digitrax gear for signaling and block detection, and I should be getting an SE8C with BD4 and assorted stuff in a day or two. I also added the staging levels in the two modules on this side of the layout. For now, this is what it looks like.

The helix is in place with cork and track.

I started working on attaching a Tortoise motor to the curved turnout at the top of the helix with the remote mounting kit. It’s tedious work figuring out how everything goes together. I hope it works because it’s going to be a serious pain to fix it later.

The track at the top is temporarily pinned in place while I install the Tortoise motor.

The left track from the curved turnout will be the main/passenger track, and the other will be the bypass track with leads to the yard.

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