Posted by: Roger | November 1, 2014

Custom Painted NP SD45s

I picked up my custom-painted SD45s from Kendall at the Lynden train show, but seem to have lost track of time.

Kendall started with this.

Since Kato hasn't made any Northern Pacific SD45s... yet, I bought a pair of these to turn into Northern Pacific locos.

Since Kato hasn’t made any Northern Pacific SD45s… yet, I bought a pair of these to turn into Northern Pacific locos.

and the finished product looks like this.


This is one of the first two of my custom SD45s. The layout location belongs to my friend Paul, since I haven’t made much progress on my own.

I was so impressed with Kendall’s work, I ordered two more of those SPSF locos at bargain basement prices. The Puyallup show is in two weeks, so I will get them to him at that show.

You can find Kendall at The Blue Caboose on the internet.

Addendum, with edit:

Getting Micro-Trains couplers at the correct height in these locos takes a bit more work, and costs more than it should. For these locos, I used the coupler box from the 2004 kit and the coupler from the 1015 kit. The under-set shank coupler in the 2004 is too low (or is it high? Either way it’s not right.) to mate with other Micro-Trains-equipped rolling stock. For the ES44 and SD70s, Paul uses the 2003 kit designed for the Kato Mikado locomotive, but this requires drilling a hole in the coupler box cover with a #55 bit. In addition, he puts the coupler box on top and sands the cover flat so the stock Kato clip will hold it in place.



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