Posted by: Roger | April 14, 2015

Mark Responds To My Arnold Rant

Today I noticed that Mark B. submitted a comment on my Arnold U25C Part II post. It’s long, but nice to read for another point of view on this locomotive. I know the comments are a bit hard to find, but you’ll see a link labeled (currently) 1 comment at the bottom of my post.

He asks a couple questions that I will answer here.

1. I would standardize on Micro-Trains couplers.

2. Body-mount couplers. I will quit the hobby if this becomes the standard. It’s a horrible solution in search of a problem. Well, at least I will stop buying new stuff as I think I have enough to run my railroad.

Oh! I didn’t coin the term “unobtainium.” I don’t recall where I first heard that term, but it’s been around for a long time. And I do try to be funny, if only for my own sake. Life is too serious; let’s have fun.

Be sure to read his comment, and thanks, Mark!


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